Sharp Memory LCD Module 2.4"  400x240 pixels 


Memory LCD Technology ( )

Display technology advances such as LED backlighting have dramatically changed the game of LCD power consumption. However, the power requirements of some conventional LCDs can still be high enough to limit their usage pattern or usage environment.

The industry's first incarnation of memory LCD technology yielded cholesteric, electrophoretic, and other bi-stable technologies. However, these types of displays require relatively high driving voltages and considerable time to respond, in some cases requiring most of a second to update display images. They are also extremely limited in the amount of content they can display at one time.

Electrophoretic displays have also been known to experience image retention. Some current display technologies eliminate this possibility by designing a display to update twice. The first update is with a negative image to completely switch states in the display, and the second update is with the new positive image. Thus, the true update (or "refresh") rate in a typical application of this type may actually be twice that which is stated in its specifications. Due to this, even though electrophoretic displays do deliver energy savings when holding state, power drain during image updates is a real concern.


Available for Arduino example download on packet  (The example is show a picture on the screen only)

** The windows tools download here :**

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Devices Type Sharp LS027B4DH01
Port define 7Pin : VCC / GND / SCK / SDA / CS / EXCOM / DISP
Details 1 ) SPI Interface 2 ) DC Support : 3.3v / 5v , Power consume 50ua 3 ) Thickness Ultra small and light (63x60x3 mm) 4 ) 2.4inch with 400x 240pixel

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SPI 2.4" ePaper Sharp Memory LCD Modules

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